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Sustainable development should be performed every
step of the design-construction-operation cycle.
In the low-carbon era that increasingly advocates environment sustainability and rigorous environmental scrutiny, the sustainable development of data centers cannot be solved by a single technology. We must always maintain a sustainable development awareness and start from multiple aspects, including environmental protection, renewable energy utilization, energy conservation, and in-depth study of technical solutions and implementation specifications.
During design: energy-saving design

Cooling: Perform large-scale utilization of indirect evaporation natural cooling technology, make full use of natural cold sources, and provide water spray evaporation cooling in summer as a supplement. In this way, the annual operation PUE reaches 1.175.

Water: Adopt AHU equipment to reduce the water consumption by about 70% compared with the traditional open tower water saving method.

Power saving: Focus on reducing the power consumption of air-conditioning systems. Intelligent lighting systems with photovoltaic power generation and efficient energy-saving lamps are used. Heating: Electric heating is used, and thermal insulation materials are used for the building.

During construction: environmental protection + comprehensive utilization of resources

Environmental protection: Place high-noise construction equipment in a centralized manner, take measures to reduce vibration and noise, and arrange construction timetable reasonably; set enclosure, harden and spray construction sites roads; transport domestic waste in time, and use construction waste as a building filler or transport to landfill designated by the municipal sanitation department.

Comprehensive utilization of resources: Waste parts and components can be reused after processing and recycling to maximize the comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources and turn waste into usable items.

During operation: clean energy + energy saving control + environmental protection

Clean energy: Use 100% environmental-friendly renewable energy, mainly wind and solar energy. 

Energy saving control: Perform real-time control of equipment operating parameters and optimization of network architecture to effectively keep a low operating PUE.

Environmental protection: Discharge wastewater into the urban sewage pipe network after treatment. Adopt noise insulation, absorption and reduction measures for buildings. Regularly clean and transport garbage to the designated place for centralized treatment.

Chindata’s Sustainable Development Standards
Source: Guanting Lake Big Data Industry Campus
Chindata’s Initiative on Environmental Friendliness

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