For the Future of Mankind
There is only one Earth that mankind calls home, and promoting sustainability by reducing energy consumption is tantamount to care for our homes. Chindata Group, as the responsible corporate citizen, will continue the green operations and build an industrial ecosystem that co-exists with nature by cooperation and innovation, making our own contributions towards ecological civilization and the shared vision for all humanity.

We aspire to make the data centers more affordable and readily accessible to all through a series of sustainability initiatives, thus bridging the digital divide. We also hope to provide more cost-effective and resilient data center services for human development, and empower emerging countries.


“Chindata Group has become the first tech company in China to make 100% renewable energy pledge with the aim to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, and this is a meaningful milestone in realizing sustainable development.”

Clean Cloud 2020

Greenpeace, an international environment campaigning group, has recognized our efforts of renewable energy performance in Clean Cloud 2020 Report: Tracking Renewable Energy Use in China’s Tech Industry. We are ranked No.1 among China’s leading technology companies (including digital leaders such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu) with all key evaluation metrics well above the runner-up.

100% Renewable Energy

In 2019, Chindata Group, with the vision of environmental stewardship, has set a long-standing sustainability goal of 100% adopting renewable energy for its hyperscale data center clusters, in order to take a lead in renewable energy usage and build a greener world.
In January and April 2019, the renewable energy coverage reached 100% in Guanting Lake Big Data Industrial Campus of the Pan-Beijing Area.
Taihang Mountain Energy and Information Technology Industrial Campus of the Pan-Beijing Area commits to be the first data center in China to achieve 100% sourcing renewable energy.
Since its establishment, Chindata Group has adopted a “three-in-one” model for site selection–at strategic locations where energy, connectivity, and clients’ business demand intersect. Energy is a top priority as the optimal sites must be surrounded with abundant renewable energy and surplus clean energy such as wind power. In this way, Chindata Group has injected vitality into the local sustainable economy.

Green DNA in Next-generation Hyperscale Data Centers

Guided by the vision of our founder, we strive to make the data center industry more environmental-friendly and cost-effective based on our next-generation hyperscale data center solutions characterized by centralization of resources, standardization of infrastructure development and modular design philosophy.

Hyperscale data centers which integrate resources to satisfy needs of leading technology companies at the same location will realize economies of scale, making it possible to build wide-scale renewable power projects and reduce electricity cost sustainably.


Designing standardized fundamental infrastructure for the entire hyperscale data center campuses, covering power distribution networks, telecommunication networks, building infrastructure and other public facilities and infrastructure within the campus, will employ local resources to boost sustainable growth and create economic opportunity.


The site selection principle, energy-saving technologies applied at different levels ranging from components and server rooms to building shells and campuses, and the energy management system through the whole life-cycle operation process can be quickly carried out by our other data centers and even by the entire industry.

Green Data Centers for Our Customers

With the commitment to become one of the world's most eco-friendly data center provider, Chindata Group has managed to obtain as many as patents in the fields of electrical equipment, software systems, heating, and ventilation equipment, and construction through continuous innovation, which allowed for the maximization of energy efficiency and the enablement in achieving the optimal power usage efficiency standard, resulting in a declining carbon footprint.
  • 1.3
    PUE lower than 1.3
  • 0.3
    WUE lower than 0.3
  • 95
    Utilization rate over 95%
  • 80
    Renewable energy ratio over 80%
Several data centers under Chindata Group have won endorsements from governing authorities for their green operation, including the “Data Center Green Classification (Operational) AAAAA” certificate issued by ODCC and TGGC, as well as being selected in the first batch of Green Data Center Models in Beijing.
  • 1.21Average PUE in service
  • 1.08Lowest PUE


  • The Pan-Beijing Area
    Guanting Lake Big Data Industrial Campus
  • The Pan-Beijing Area
    Taihang Mountain Energy and Information Technology Industrial Campus
  • The Pan-Beijing Area
    Sangyuan Cloud Computing Industrial Campus

A Combination of Renewable Energy and Data Center

Mass application and continuous development of new technologies require a new generation of hyperscale data center to cater to the needs of computing power. As the reliable and sustainable energy is an indispensable part of powering data centers, our founder, Alex Ju initiated a methodology of synergetic development of renewable energy and data center, to solve the problem that how to make efforts in sourcing energy constantly under the condition of environment protection.
In the future, Chindata Group will further explore various approaches for corporations to extensively participate in renewable energy reformation, take part in development of power station and seek investment opportunities into clean energy so as to power our data centers with 100% environmental friendly renewable energy.
Chindata’s Initiative on Environmental Friendliness

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