Chindata Group Announces the “Better U” Women’s Leadership Program


On the occasion of the International Women’s day, we are pleased to announce that Chindata Group has officially launched the “Better U” Women's Leadership Program, which aims to promote female employees contributions in innovation, diversity and human development, and inspire women to advance business processes at a global perspective, making Chindata Group the first company to launch a female career development in China's digital infrastructure industry.

Women leadership has always been the building blocks of our rapid development. To support female employee’s career goals is an integral part of our core values. In Chindata Group, 51% of departments are managed by women, which are much higher than the industry average and the average female ratio in the board of directors worldwide. We encourage women to "sit at the table", boldly and actively expressing their ideas, discussing with their male counterparts, and participating in the decision-making process among our company, the industry and the whole society.

Chindata Group will work to build a diverse, open and inclusive culture that enhances cooperate diversity. We believe that the "Better U" Women Leadership Program not only shows our continued support in helping female employees to pursue their personal goals, but will assist their career growth and create more opportunities for them to realize their own value.

We are committed to continue to build women leadership. With the "Better U" Women Leadership Program, we will launch a series of leadership projects to explore more female high potential candidates who have great ambitions, strong execution skills and a good understanding of our industry. We will carry out exchanges with other companies and produce a platform for discussing topic about women leadership in the digital infrastructure industry, devoting ourselves into industrial and global development, as well as promoting corporate diversity.

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