”New infrastructure” is coming! One of Chindata’s hyperscale data center campus appeared on CCTV


On March 26, CCTV financial channel well-known program "Global Finance" special featured "new infrastructure" in-depth. It focuses on the new model of the development of next generation of hyperscale data center in Chindata Group. “The investment in data centers is a huge boost to the upstream and downstream industries,” CCTV reported. But the main driving force is no longer only reinforced concrete, but green energy, the next generation of energy storage, high-end equipment manufacturing and even electronic components, as well as large bandwidth of the next generation of network core equipment and other technology-intensive industries. It has become a consensus that new infrastructure, such as data centers, will help foster new growth areas in China's economy.

“Data centers, as capital-intensive industries, usually gathers considerably huge amount of investments in a very limited area. For example, in the past two years, the total investment exceeded 10 billion yuan, 10 times of the traditional investment in a land area of merely 100,000 square meters.” Alex Ju, the founder and CEO of Chindata Group told CCTV journalist.


At a meeting of the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee on March 4, the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee proposed for the first time to speed up the construction of new types of infrastructure such as data centers and call for continuous attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm of private investment. It reflects the central government's emphasis on the construction of new infrastructure such as data center, and fully proves the important role of data center in the upcoming scientific and technological competition and economic development.


The global digital economy is undergoing profound changes. The demand for data clustering and new types of infrastructure is growing rapidly. The development of a centralized, standardized and modularized hyperscale data center industry cluster has more and more become a necessity, which can not only further consolidate the "base" of digital economy development, but also leads to a strong industrial driving effect, positive economic and social effects.


In places where data center demand is most active, the scale effect and cluster effect of the IDC industry can promote the further upgrading of the communication network, as well as the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, network core equipment and other technology-intensive industries. In terms of energy utilization, a new generation of hyperscale data center industrial cluster will be developed in areas where renewable energy are abound. Local renewable energy that cannot be stored or easily delivered will be directly consumed under the model of "clean energy + data center", so as to achieve sustainable ecosystem and sustainable development.


Chindata Group has been committed to promoting the development of a new generation of hyperscale data center industry cluster in the region around the capital of China since March 2017. With Beijing, Hebei and Shanxi as the core of the matrix, the "next generation information technology demonstration area around the capital" is laid out to provide a safe, reliable, flexible, cost-effective, sustainable application of renewable energy business deployment for key customers and their downstream users.


In the future, Chindata Group will stick to the layout of industrial cluster, developing next generation data centers around the capital to form a three-point network layout in a larger region, such as data centers in Zhangjiakou and Datong. We will give data centers full play in leading the new infrastructure develpment, further promote the establishment of high-end equipment manufacturing and other technology-intensive industries in the region, raise employment rate, bring in tax revenues, promote the development of the digital economy  by replacing old growth drivers with the new, and make Capital-Rim the best destination for global data centers.

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