To “her”


Whether senior or junior fellow ”she” is,

“She” keeps her chin up, striding forward with vigor,

For ambitious dream,”she” works 7*24 around the clock

In front of the desk, inside the jammed underground,

In every brain-storming meeting,

On every trouble-shooting business trip,

Driven by myriad of inspirations.

“She” never stops,

Perseverance and hard work is the motto ”she” resolutely fulfills.

“She” reads quite a few dictums,

“She” learns plenty of success gospels,

A deck of slides, a PPT filled with vision,

“She” sets up her mind to give it a go,

The world is changing rapidly; knowledge is represented by 0 and 1,

Our words travels hastily through the long cable,

There are so much novels to be created,

And so much dreams to carry on,

Persistent study and constant exploring is how “she” catches up with the time.

“She” seems busier in the big data era,

“She” advances straight ahead on the information highway,

“She” sets her sail,

Seeking every “faster” and “safer” solutions,

On the Pacific Ocean of imagination,

“She” reaches every scenery our predecessors only dreamt about  .

“She” is being her wonderful self in creating a better future,

 Join “her” in the journey of inclusive digitalization.

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