Create Cutting Edge of Digital Economy Centering "Six New" Development——Zhang Jifu Meets with Alex Ju, Founder and CEO of Chindata Group


On June 3rd, Zhang Jifu, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Shanxi Municipal Party Committee, met with Alex Ju, the founder and CEO of Chindata Group. They had an in-depth opinion exchanges and negotiations pertaining to the deepening of the project cooperation and how to promote the transformation & development with big data infrastructure industry as the springboard. 

Xue Mingyao, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Zhang Qiang, Executive Deputy Mayor, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Secretary of the Lingqiu County Party Committee, and the principals of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Energy Bureau, and State Grid Datong Power Supply Company all attended the meeting.

Zhang Jifu extended warm welcome to Alex Ju and his delegation for their cooperation on the project, and thanked Chindata Group for its long-term support for the development of Datong. “When President Xi Jinping visited Shanxi”, Zhang said, “he asked us to promote the six new development and discover a new road of transformation and development as soon as possible. At present, the city is studying and implementing the spirit of the important instructions of Xi’s Speech, and in response to the overall thinking and requirements of the Provincial Party Committee's "four dos” “four highs” and “two synchronizations", we believe it’s vital to take the development of the digital economy as an important focal point for promoting industrial transformation &upgrading and creating new competitive advantages. We should accelerate the development of the digital industry, plan the layout of communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, the Internet of Things, and the Industrial Internet, promote the pilot reform of the comprehensive reform of the energy revolution, and empower the transformation and development. The new infrastructure represented by the data center has become an important driving force for economic development. It is strategically important to accelerate the development of new technologies, new industries and new business models by virtue of big data for Datong’s development path of the digital economy which turns resource advantages into economic advantages and achieve high quality transformation and development.”

Since the establishment of the Chindata Capital Rim·Taihang Mountain Energy Information Technology Industrial Campus in our city, the cooperation between the two parties has made good progress, and the big data industry clustering effect, brand effect and regional driving effect have begun to show its results. Based that off, we hope Chindata will keep innovating and expanding development fields, deepen practical cooperation with Datong City in the construction of data centers, new infrastructure, green energy consumption, industrial Internet, etc., promote the formation of "new energy + big data" industrial cluster and an innovative, open, collaborative, and concentrated digital industry ecosystem, and strive to turn the digital economy into a new engine for Datong’s economic growth. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will actively strive for policy support, further create an excellent environment, establish efficient and convenient communication channels and cooperation mechanisms, solve the tricky problems, and urge the project to land as soon as possible.

(Reprinted from the front page of Datong Daily on June 5, edited by Li Mingxuan)


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