All things are created to meet the needs of the times. In Chinese philosophy, this is known as "the right moment".

In 2015, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations Member States, with the goal of addressing a range of social, economic and environmental challenges by 2030. The SDGs also proposed a blueprint for shared prosperity in a sustainable world - a world where all people can live productive, vibrant and peaceful lives on a healthy planet.

As the ongoing development of innovative technologies is fueling an explosive growth in worldwide data demand, the data center industry has forged ahead to meet the huge demands of the digital economy especially after 2015. Therefore, data centers have been bedrock of all industries in the evolution of digital transformation, which will enable the human progress and realization of SDGs, through providing high-quality and reliable, inclusive and sustainable digital infrastructure.

Since founded under this condition in 2015, we have always been aspiring to make data centers more affordable and readily accessible to all through a series of sustainability initiatives, thus bridging the digital gap. We also hope to provide more cost-effective and resilient data center services for human development, and empower emerging countries.

Inevitably, with the huge needs of data storage and application, the way data centers utilize energy efficiently is directly related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the future of humanity. Since its founding, Chindata Group has established the use of renewable energy as a core principle and created next-generation hyperscale data centers with green genes. We diligently develop our hyperscale data centers at strategic locations where energy, connectivity and clients' business demands intersect. In 2019, Chindata Group took the lead in proposing an industry-wide sustainability goal of 100% renewable energy.

Because of the energy efficiency innovation, carbon dioxide emission reduction of the Group's data centers in 2019 reached 173,087 tons, equaling the yearly amount of CO2 emissions produced by 81,000 homes. Chindata Group also endeavors to give back to the community by reconnecting cities and surrounding rural areas. We do this by paying taxes to local rural governments, advancing regional industrial development through a localized supply chain, boosting employment, and helping workforces become more skilled and adaptable to changes in the industry.

Over the past five years, Chindata Group has seen rapid growth, building a number of next-generation hyperscale data centers for tech giants in competitive and promising markets, such as China, Malaysia and India. Moreover, we have devoted ourselves to satisfying the needs of the most ambitious and forward-looking enterprises in the world with cutting-edge technology and our carrier-neutral, all-adaptive, flexible and scalable data center solutions, thus keeping them maintaining excellence.

In 2020, amid the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic, many industries are facing challenges as well as opportunities. Meanwhile, the SDGs are ushering in the "Decade of Action," embracing the heartfelt vision of "protecting the earth, improving the lives and future of all people." As a digital infrastructure provider, Chindata Group will focus on all aspects of sustainable development and move forward to address all future challenges.

Alex Ju

Founder and CEO of Chindata Group

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